14 April 2012

Life is stubborn toward me.

It's been a while since I've been around these parts of the Internets. I'm glad to see that most everyone else here has kept a steady posting pace. Be assured that even though I have not watched many movies in the last month, I have been reading all the posts.

Here is my quick catch-up:

--Broadway Danny Rose is currently my favorite of the 5 Woody Allen films that I have seen. I know that 5 is a depressingly small number for a director with such a long and distinguished career. But when I think about watching a movie, Woody Allen rarely comes to mind. The films of his that I've seen have always just been good for me - enjoyable and fun, but nothing that has me up thinking about late at night. Broadway Danny Rose is the closest to crossing the good to great threshold of any of his films (that I've seen), and for that I thank Jeffrey for choosing it as his pick. I would have never watched it otherwise. I am looking forward to To Rome With Love later this year.

--I was really disappointed by A Dangerous Method. Cronenberg took one of the most interesting and famous relationships (Freud and Jung) and turned it into a rather dull movie. The entire thing felt like an opportunity lost. It showed us the ducks floating on top of the water and ignored the fact that we were looking at a lake that was 1000 feet deep. It's a surface movie.

--The other two films that I watched were A Tale of Springtime and Pauline at the Beach. These are the only two Rohmer films currently available on NWI, a fact that has me thinking about renewing my DVD plan for a month just to catch up on his work. Both of these films left me wanting more (in fact, I watched Pauline at the Beach twice in one weekend). They are beautiful and smart meditations on life, love, desire, and human relationships. I find myself having a difficult time putting these movies into words because, though simple, they say so much. Additionally, I have the feeling that as I watch more of Rohmer's work, he is going to be an important director for me. John was right-on when he handed me Le Rayon Vert and suggested I watch more Rohmer.

Before I say too much, has anyone else seen any of these three films?

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Chris said...

I haven't seen any of those three Rohmer films, but I'll probably check them out at some point. Also, I completely agree with your A Dangerous Methods thoughts. Good points.