14 March 2012

The Little Minister

I guess I'm the only one who really enjoyed The Little Minister. Instead of finding it tedious (I thought John was referring to the projection problems when he used that word after the screening), I thought that it was a pretty charming movie. A lot of the charm, for me, came from the familiar story of forbidden love in the unfamiliar setting of a very religious Scottish town in the 1800's. The Little Minister's approach to this forbidden love (and the accompanying issues related to it - religion, sexuality, etc) is serious, but also very funny and whimsical. It is a film for the changing times of the 1930's. I'd definitely watch it again.


March has truly been a slow month. The Little Minister is the only film I've watched in a few weeks. I've been too caught up in the sun and in reading Michael Ondaatje's beautiful novels. (Jeffrey, the Boston Globe calls him the "heir-unapparent to Faulkner," whatever that means.)

I'll probably watch The Century of Cinema on Friday since it is supposed to rain and storm.

I skimmed the Claire's Knee posts. I'd like to see some more Rohmer and have added the two that are available on NWI to my queue. I loved Le Rayon Vert. 

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