26 February 2012

You can lead a horse to whiskey but you can't make him cross the road

Jerzy here.

I am really confused about this movie. On the one hand, it was cool because it mixed cowboy/modern worlds in a way that I thought neat. On the other hand, I found the plot holes kind of ridiculous and the "message" so sledgehammer obvious about good ole timey free cowboy 'Merican ways being corrupted that I included the crying Native American in this review. Mostly though I want to know why is that lady tonguing it down with Kirk Douglas every time they see each other AND he tries to help her husband, aka "really good friend", escape from jail?

But lets move away from that and just say that the casting was epic, probably the best part of the movie, because it was just chock full of the heroes of yesteryear obviously in the earlier parts of their careers trying to make it big in this cowboy drama. My favorite surprise was the "one of these days Alice" guy who drove the truck and I must hand it to the director for setting that ending up pretty damn well even if I got my panties in a knot about the horse.

All in all, it was original and entertaining at parts. Maybe it has struck a particularly favorable review because I am reading On the Road so I'm digging the western/post-war combo very much. Walter Matthau is forgettable, Kirk Douglas is ok, though maybe this whole movie is worth it if only for the really dumb fight with the one armed man at the beginning. It gave me twin peaks vibes.

I rate this a recommend it to my enemies and specifically cowboy movie/Kirk Douglas/film buff friends. Meaning, I didn't hate it and I only sort of wasted my time. think Spartacus, but on a horse, meets Grumpy Old Men, but with guns.


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