20 February 2012

girl power

Brandon and I may have been sitting next to each other but we clearly saw a different movie. I guess the tears clouded my vision because I didn't think the acting was "loud" at all. Holly Hunter's performance was particularly subtle and restrained. Evan Rachel Wood embodied the insecure, hormonal and confused teenager trying deal with peer pressure, a difficult family situation and puberty. Thirteen is definitely no "after school special," at least not like any that I've seen. It is raw and distinctly lacking in happy endings. But, yeah, Girl Power.

Thirteen was my first exposure to Wood. She was 15 when the film was shot. In fact, I think it was her first leading role in a film. So, Brandon, how could the fact that you're "not a huge fan" of her impact what you thought of the movie?

Of course, if I'm being honest, with the exception of HBO's Mildred Pierce, I haven't liked her in much else either. Pretty Persuasion was alright, I guess.

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