25 January 2012

Brother I'm In Pain

Hello again dear blog readers, Jerzy here.

I just finished Brother Born Again. It was a never ending thrill ride of emotions, well...no. But it was vaguely interesting because it held me in suspense, what would be the conclusion to this slowly unraveling film? Would Marc Andrew come back to New York and stay? Would he accept Yahweh as his one true savior? Would Julia (or as I called her, triple-freckle) throw away her Lesbian Love manual and go milk cows and be Jesus' hand-maiden?

Alas, it was not to be.

I thought the incessant agonizing over Marc Andrew's new lifestyle to be ridiculous. As a bisexual lesbian she should know better, as a Jew she should know better, as a feminist she should know better. I was glad Marc Andrew held strong to his beliefs and rebuffed her passive aggressive attempts to wiggle in doubts into his life. It was particularly ridiculous when she spoke with her uncle about Marc's need to be in a black and white world where as they existed in an ambivalent state. Ambivalence would mean they just let it lie as it was and did not try to bring him back into the fold (via bagels or otherwise).

I found some of the Farm moments cringe-worthy. Denouncing intelligence as an obstacle to faith was particularly heinous, that it happened more than once was terrible. Otherwise, I enjoyed the pastoral moments and B-roll quite a lot. I do hope Marc leaves the Farm but I do hope he is happy and I think moving away from the intense stability of his surroundings may bring back the melancholy of his youth.

Lastly, as a belligerent fellow, I can't help but point out that Marc Andrew believes his father went to hell. Perhaps this is something he hasn't overtly thought of but I would be extremely offended and confront this reality. If you are going to try and shake someone's faith, I think that part, above all else, would be the main point of attack.

Think Jesus Camp meets a Woody Allen movie and someone surgically cuts all the humor out of it.

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